Design Patterns for Coworking


One of the great strengths of the global coworking community is the willingness to share knowledge and best practice without restriction and with openness wired into the very values of this community.

Recently a member of the global coworking mailing list, Joseph Holsten) recently created what’s essentially a recipe book of ‘how to’ guides for those seeking to setup a coworking community, coworking space or simply better operate the communities and spaces they’re already running.

Broadly speaking, Holsten’s patterns for coworking aggregate the best practices and advice of a large proportion of the global coworking community into an easily digestible set of wiki guides that cover…

  • Starting Up
    Everything from bootstrapping the resources you’ll need, to setting prices, defining services and service levels and handling ‘drop in’ users.
  • Management & Operations
    Figuring out how to book hot desks, handle childcare, selecting software, furniture and equipment.
  • Goals
    Understanding the people your trying to serve and defining the problems you’re trying to address and hopefully solve.
  • Roles
    Helping to define the relationships between and contributions of space owners, residents and tips for those seeking to setup a space.
  • Marketing
    Creating a marketing narrative, marketing strategies, understanding the target customers and even practical advice such as running coworking days to surface the right kind of users.

There’s a whole bunch of ancillary guides to ranging from networking coworking communities together, incubating entrepreneurs and startups and even car pooling.

Holsten’s done a great job in pulling together the content so far from various sources. Though as a wiki its true value will only be realized in the contributions of contributors. It’s a great start and hopefully something that’ll lower the barriers for people kickstarting their own coworking communities.

(Chris Messina‘s coworking logo quoted under a Creative Commons license)

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