Smallest notebook with optical drive?

Vye_s41Small notebooks just keep popping up all over but what sets the Vye S41 apart from most is the optical drive.  I believe the 7-inch Vye S41 may very well be the smallest notebook with an integrated optical drive which some find to be critical for their needs.  The S41 is also a convertible notebook meaning the screen will swivel around so the device can be used as a slate tablet which no doubt contributes to the $1499 price tag.  Vista Home Premium is loaded which I believe means that the tablet bits are integrated making the S41 one of the smallest tablets around.  The specs are pretty sweet:

  • Intel A110-800MHz processor
  • DDR2 667MHz 1024MB memory
  • 7" WSVGA(1024×600) TFT + TSP Touchscreen display
  • 80 GB HDD
  • Internal DVD Burner
  • Internal GPS receiver
  • Windows Vista Home Premium

(via UMPC Portal)


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