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How can I turn a old iPhone into a Wi-Fi iPod?

July 11, 2008 is a significant date for those planning to purchase one of the hottest mobile phones available. The iPhone 3G officially goes on sale. If you are a current iPhone user who will be upgrading to the iPhone 3G you might have wondered what to do with your old iPhone.

AT&T is offering an option that might appeal to old iPhone users. AT&T will allow users to use the old iPhone as a Wi-Fi iPod. You can keep it yourself, hand it over to a family member, friend, or sell it on Ebay. Since you’ll be using the same number as used with your old iPhone the recipient will have to purchase another SIM card which they can purchase at a AT&T retail store. Users can use a new number or transfer an old number to the first generation iPhone.

I’m currently on vacation and there is a WI-Fi hotspot about a mile away from the waterfront condo where I’m residing with AT&T’s plan I would be able surf the internet and access my email thanks to the WI-Fi connection. Even if you aren’t near a Wi-Fi hotspot you can still listen to music, watch movies, and take pictures. That is one of the many things I find appealing about the iPhone is that it allows me to do more than send and receive calls.

It is important to note that AT&T is recommending that users should upgrade their old iPhone to v2.0 before having them deactivated in time for the July 11 release of the iPhone 3G. Apple Insider has listed steps on how to hand down your old iPod. Naturally, if you aren’t planning on purchasing the iPhone 3G this won’t be necessary.

Do you any plans for your old iPhone? Lets us know in the comment section.

6 Responses to “How can I turn a old iPhone into a Wi-Fi iPod?”

  1. Yes, you can — just take out the SIM card (on top) & the phone will no longer be able to make calls using a cell tower. HOWEVER, you can still make calls over Wi-Fi with apps like iCall. As for SMS, you can get Email2SMS. And (obviously) if you want to make cell calls, you can just pop in an AT&T SIM card (of course, if you jailbreak it you can make your iPhone compatible with other GSM carriers – although there are certain features that are ATT-specific.).

  2. MuhoombaDoomba

    OK I’m wondering if someone could answer my question.

    I plan on buying a used iphone from my friend. He has a 16 gb one, and is upgrading to 3g. I want to use it as an ipod touch, or maybe even a phone.

    Here’s the question: If I downgrade it to a wifi ipod, will i ever be able to use it as a phone again? Or will it be “stuck” as such?


  3. I’ve still been stuck figuring out what to do with my old one. This is interesting, though. This is an AT&T sanctioned option? And you would need an AT&T SIM card, but it woudln’t be for phone service? I’m a bit confused. Would you be paying for anything (aside from a new SIM)? Do you pay for wi-fi (as in AT&T hotspots)?