Tempest in a Voicemail


The leading argument this weekend seems destined to be over voicemail. Techcrunch’s Mike Arrington kicked things off with his own anti-voicemail blog entry. Based on his own experiences and a survey of folks on Friendfeed, he condemns voicemail as being a nuisance and a disruption of the daily workflow.

Personally, I think it’s too soon to pronounce the death of voicemail; I know I end up leaving, and listening to, voice messages every week. Perhaps in certain small areas, or sectors where email has 100% penetration, text beats voice. But out here in the heartland, even a full-time web worker can’t do without a way to communicate asynchronously with people who aren’t emailable.

How about you? Are you ready to turn your voicemail off? Are you looking for some service (like one of the speech-to-text companies, or visual voicemail) to make it more manageable? Or are you content with the way things are now?

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