Earth2Tech Week In Review

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Tesla to Build the “Model S” Electric Sedan Back in California: Tesla named its “WhiteStar” electric sedan “Model S” and is planning to manufacture the car back in Cali near its headquarters.

Where’s the Solar Stock Rally?: Wading into the solar sector is like dating a manic-depressive. Day-to-day events matter less than the prevailing, protean mood. And these days the mood among solar investors is dark, indeed.

Thin-Film Solar to Grab 28 Percent Solar Market by 2012: Lux Research says thin-film solar technology will make up 28 percent of the solar market by 2012, but because there’s over 100 companies betting on the tech, Lux says there will be a lot of losers.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of $7 Gas: Back when gas was $2 a gallon, we didn’t sweat it. At $3 a gallon, we started to grouse. At $4, we can all agree, it hurts. So imagine what it would be like at $7 a gallon, or three and a half times the price at the beginning of last year. CIBC World Markets has the low-down.

5 Questions for Altairnano’s New CEO Terry Copeland: Battery-maker Altairnano’s new CEO, Terry Copeland, answers these 5 questions shortly after he takes the helm.

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