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Independence Day Vid Pick: Muppets Salute America

There are lots of things I can’t imagine doing without — air, food, Internet. But high on that list are definitely Jim Henson’s Muppets. And this Independence Day, Sam the Eagle’s web-exclusive salute to America is the only video you need to watch this weekend.

This two-minute tribute encompasses all that is pure and good and true about the United States. Also, hot dogs. Why the Swedish Chef is participating in this otherwise all-American endeavor is a mystery best left to the ages — as is the question of why Sam the Eagle has taken this opportunity to reach out to his online audience. (His YouTube page is magnificent, by the way.) Because those issues aren’t important. What’s important is that America is here to save the world from weirdos — with, hopefully, with the exception of Gonzo.

2 Responses to “Independence Day Vid Pick: Muppets Salute America”

  1. Tom K

    Leave the Swedish Chef alone! He’s got at least as much right to be there as the penguin, maybe more. Given that he’s been working in the U.S. as a chef, he probably has at least a work permit. Can the penguin say as much?