Completes Lexico Acquisition, Bags Et Al


Losing its independence on Independence Day, Lexico is now part of the family, as IAC’s (NSDQ: IACI) portal completes its purported $100 million cash acquisition of the, and operator. Announcing the completion, which had been expected in Q3, Jim Safka: “The combination… significantly expands our audience reach, and aligns perfectly with our customers’ needs.”

The Long Beach, Calif.-based company was founded in 1995 by CEO Brian Kariger and Daniel Fierro. Both will be staying on for the integration into Its iconic domains come with a serious amount of traffic, increasing the Ask Network


Robert Andrews

Corrected. Thanks for pointing out my typo.


Yes, repeating what's said above, this has nothing to do with ANSW other then they were unable to make a similar transaction with Lexico.


You might check the first line of the story. Pretty sure the acquisition isn't associated with Answers and you meant to write Ask instead.

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