Vaja is ready for the iPhone 3G


Ivolution_sp_vajaLuxury leather case maker Vaja is ready for the imminent release of the Apple iPhone 3G with four cases to protect their customer’s investment.  The cases start from $45 – $85 and come in different forms to meet the user’s preference.  The ivolution SP is a flip cover case that comes in two-tone leather for $85.  Next up is the ivolution TOP that is another type of flip case for $75.  The Classic Retro Slim Bag is a simple pouch despite the name that will set you back $45 and the Classic Pouch is a belt clippable pouch with a flap cover for $65.  All of these prices are starting prices and can go up as Vaja provides customization for all of their cases.  You can find all of these iPhone 3G cases and more on the Vaja web site.



Vaja is a cool company. I bought one of their cases for my HP PDA (hx4705) back in the day, and it was rubbish. However, over the years they’ve steadily upped the quality and levels of customization I’m really happy that they hung in there and that I hung in there with them. I’m loyal.

James- I always giggle when people refer to technology expenditures as “investments”. Don’t get me wrong. Often technology expenditures are investments, but rarely in the case of a typical consumer’s purchase of a typical consumer device. Was this a deliberate phrase construction on your part, or were you just playing fast-and-loose with the literary affect? Serious question.

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