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Delicious Library 2

About three weeks ago, I finally upgraded to Delicious Library 2. It is definitely a slick program. The greatest addition for me was the ability to add my gadgets to my library. It just makes sense to be able to add all my electronic gear.

You can add items in nine categories: books, movies, music, software, videogames, toys, gadgets, tools, and apparel. Sadly, the software Delicious Library 2 cannot be added via the lookup tool:

What I don’t like

There are two ways to add an item to your library, through the iSight, and through a search box like the one pictured above. It uses Amazon search, and it lets you add just about anything that you can buy on Amazon. I am not sure how Shipley designed the search for Delicious Library 2, but when I tried to add my Nintendo Wii to the library, it brought up every accessory you can buy, but failed to show me the actual Nintendo Wii. I was able to find a couple Wiis with some additional accessories, but that was about it. I don’t have the box anymore, so I couldn’t just scan it (which is the case with most of my electronic gear). The good news is that I was able to add component cables for my Wii to my library, as well as extra Wii remotes, classic controllers, nunchucks, grip covers, and remote charging stations.

There are some frustrations with searching, though. In Delicious Library 1, you could search by ISBN (which was probably because the iSight scanning did not always work). But now, in Delicious Library 2, you can’t. It is very frustrating to know the ISBN but not be able to use it to search. It is probably easier to search with keywords, but sometimes the results listed are far too broad and varied for it to be that worthwhile. I wish the option to add was as simple as this:

You can also publish your shelves to the web. I published mine to my iWeb site, and it looked pretty good. The only drawback is that it did not include links to Amazon, so if someone were viewing my library, and wanted one of my books, they couldn’t just click on the title and get to the book. They would have to copy and paste, or just look the book up. That seems like a big oversight.

What I do like

Although the release notes for this version say that the algorithm for scanning with iSight is only “slightly improved” it is far better than Delicious Library 1. I scanned the same book in both, and got a much faster scan time for Delicious Library 2. I waved it all over the screen on version 1, but with version 2, I put it right in the guides, and scanned it before it was actually lined up all the way in the guides.

That makes for much faster adding of items. I also tried it out with an external USB webcam, and that worked just as well. That made it very easy for taking it to my bookshelves, instead of bringing all my books to my computer.

Visually, it rocks. When you add an item, a “container” fills up with colored circles that becomes your item. Your items shatter or go up in flames when you delete them, as shown below.

Perhaps the best feature for the kids out there is the ability to export your library (or just selected shelves or items) to a bibliography. In college, I used EndNote for my citation needs, and if this were available, it would have been much easier. EndNote requires you to type in every single thing about your book, and only just recently came out with a very poor online search tool that doesn’t get the correct info 95% of the time. Bibliographies are available in the following formats: AMA, Turabian, APA, CBE, Chicago, and MLA. For college students who do a lot of writing, it is definitely worth the $40 or $20 (for an upgrade).

In conclusion, Delicious Library 2 is most beneficial in that it provides a record of most things that you own, and it does it in a fun way. It is actually exciting to feel like you are a checker at a store as you scan items into your library. I finally have the itemized list of stuff that I need to show the insurance company if anything ever happens. Everything I buy from now on will go right into the library, so I can have a record of it. This is a good program for those who want to catalog their stuff and have a record on the web (or iPod) that you can get to if you need it later.

Delicious Library costs $40 for a new license and $20 for an upgrade from 1.5 at



You can type in the ISBN or if all else fails you can look the product up on and copy the ISBN from the product details page. Comic books included. I’m disappointed at how difficult it is to get the scanner to work, but if all else fails I just type the ISBN in and it shows up. There is a new free iPhone app for Delicious Library, but it only lets you view your library. I was hoping I would be able to scan my items in with it. All said, it’s nice to be able to document your items for that just-in-case factor and I haven’t run into a situation yet where it couldn’t find what I was trying to scan (though, sometimes it gave me a newer copy of a book when I had the older version).

John Athayde

The ISBN feature requires that you type in the ISBN (or UPC for that matter) with no hyphens, which is quite annoying and not self evident.


So what I would like to figure out is now that I have some 2500 volumes scanned in how can I find them on my shelves with delicious library search?


One thing that disappointed me about Version 1 was that the shelves in the software didn’t behave like physical shelves. What I mean is that, if a shelf wasn’t full and there was plenty of horizontal space on screen, Shelf 2 would just carry on horizontally from Shelf 1, rather than starting on a new line as I expected.
Has anyone noticed whether this is still the case?

Reginald W

“I too have had the problem of the item added being completely different when I scanned it in. It only happened with old paperbacks (circa 1950 to 1960). Somehow the UPC did not match to the correct ISBN. When I entered the correct ISBN in the search box the book was looked up perfectly.”

The UPC is most likely a sticker and the data is not specific to that book. UPC codes didn’t exist back in the 50’s or 60’s. A special UPC code series allows for items that don’t have a UPC code to be entered into a POS (point of sale system) with the location entering in ALL the data description. Another store could use a different UPC for the same item and a different description.

Jethro Jones

@Galley You are so right! I can’t believe I forgot that. It makes no sense to have it horizontal.

@Gideon, Good name, that is my brother’s name, too. For Bibliography go to File->Export->To Another Application…->Bibliography

@Joel and Brian, I guess I have just had bad luck. I tried entering in the ISBN with a book that wouldn’t scan, and one that was already in my library, and I could only search by ISBN with the one that was in my library.


@Jethro – I have successfully entered ISBN (10 or 13) numbers in the search box to add books. Probably about 20 to 25% of my library are books entered by ISBM in DL2.

@Joe L. – I leave the iSight on all the time and it never turns itself off. I can hold up a book to the camera, scan it, and even while it is still looking up the book online, scan the next book. It’s very fast.

I too have had the problem of the item added being completely different when I scanned it in. It only happened with old paperbacks (circa 1950 to 1960). Somehow the UPC did not match to the correct ISBN. When I entered the correct ISBN in the search box the book was looked up perfectly.

I love this program. The greatest benefit I can see is from an insurance perspective. I can publish everything I own (just about) on the web. If I were to ever lose it due to a catastrophe or a burglary, I would have an extensive knowledge of what needed to be replaced. Also, just cataloging where all of my books exist in the house (on which bookshelf and section of the bookshelf) has helped immensely when I have been looking for a book.


@ Nick

I’ve scanned in graphic novels with no problem, but I haven’t tried it yet with regular old comic books. Since the database Delicious uses is Amazon, I would imagine that those comics would have to be listed on Amazon to work. Perhaps they can be entered manually?

nick s

is it possible to add comic books? not to get all nerdy but their isnt any good efficient mac software that helps me catalog my physical comic books. but if i can scan the barcode on issues that would be great! i love DL1 and im hoping DL2 helps me catalog my comics…any thoughts?


You can still use ISBN numbers, I’ve punched in quite a few for books that wouldn’t scan (had one that bad a barcode with a black background and red lines- weird book companies). At first I thought ISBN number scanning was gone- but the secret is NOT to type in any of the dashes, just punch it in as one big number.

Joe L.

I’m going off memory here (i tried it on my Mac at home, about 3-4 weeks ago and not since), but here are some issues I had with it.

1) I had several DVDs and books that were scanned, but they were populated with completely wrong information – like, not even close. And there was no easy way to correct the information or report an error, i.e. report back to Delicious Monster that for whatever reason, this item is not being looked up correctly.

2) from what I remember, there were too many intermediate steps when trying to scan lots of items using the isight at once. For example, i wish I could activate the isight, scan an item, confirm, then immediately scan the next item. From what I remember, you have to re-activate the iSight with every new item.


Is there any way to still download version 1.5? I have a license for it but kicked it from my system a pretty long time ago. I can’t seem to find it on their website. It wouldn’t be very cool if they just pulled the old version. If I wouldn’t want to buy a upgrade my license would be basically useless now.


I’m not at my Mac right now (I’m at work) but I have DL2, and I’m fairly sure ISBN still works. I’ve typed ISBN numbers into the UPC box and they’ve come up. I could be wrong, though.

Also, as Galley mentioned, the horizontal details panel is pretty terrible. I would rather have had a pop up or pop out window, or at least the option to select horizontal or vertical. The horizontal seems fairly worthless. I have a 24″ iMac, and I still don’t feel like I have enough space on-screen to view my library AND the details of a particular item.


What are you doing to use the bibliography feature? I can’t seem to find that or mention of it in the manual. Be very useful, though!


You failed to mention the horrible horizontal details panel.


As with DL1 you can drag and drop a URL from amazon into DL2. So if you can find the Wii on amazon, it’s easy to put into DL.

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