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Protect that notebook in airports

Bandits_cartoon_207356Traveling with notebooks can be stressful what with the security dance that must be done at the airport.  I’ve always felt that putting my baby alone in that plastic bin only to see it disappear from view in the X-ray machine was rather off-putting if not downright dangerous.  It turns out that the X-ray machine may be the least of my worries based on a report by the Ponemon Institute released this week that studies laptop loss.  Their report claims that a staggering 12,000+ notebook computers are reported lost every week at medium to large airports in the US.  The report goes on to detail that each year airports report close to 637,000 laptops go missing, many of those the victim of criminal mischief.  That’s a whopping big number and one that tells us we must all be on point guard while at the airport and not let our notebook get out of our sight.  It might be time to get a LoJack or similar technology to protect the investment.

(via PC World)

8 Responses to “Protect that notebook in airports”

  1. Without any numbers/data to back up the claim I take the results with a grain of salt. My 5 minutes of research on the Ponemon institute doesn’t show who paid them for the survey..

    JK has a large readership that travel, has anyone _here_ lost a laptop at an airport?

    I only travel a couple times/month but haven’t seen anyone in line at the major US airports I frequent complaining about a lost laptop.

    10,000/week @ 36 airports is 277/day or assuming a 16 hour day or 17/hour.

    That just seems too large a number in my book..

  2. @Ricky B

    Bummed to hear that my friend.

    Security is a big issue for us gadget freaks. We happily talk about how much stuff we can carry and get cool bags for it all etc., but it all can easily be lost.

    12000 laptops a WEEK. That’s phenomenal!

  3. John in Norway

    That’s a huge number. I wonder how many are insurance scams? I’m glad nobody realises that my little OQO is really a PC in a PDA case.

  4. It wasn’t in an airport, but I lost a laptop when I got mugged recently… LoJack is a great idea. So is full-disk encryption. I didn’t use either, and I *really* wish I had. It costs more or takes more time to set up, but I really recommend everyone set it up now, before it’s too late.

  5. juknow

    as pointed out earlier today it’s probably wiser to call these “expenditures” rather than “investments” for most people. lol but if somebody took my mac book then I’d be dead. anybody who flies internationally can tell you that the problem is even worse in other countries, especially far east.

  6. I’ll hold off putting my laptop(s) into the machine until I know both myself and my laptop(s) will arrive at the other side at the same time.
    That cant help the speed of the line, but until there is a better system in place from the TSA…