MacBook Air with SSD deflates in price


MacbookairSome of the air in the SSD price was let out of Apple’s thinnest notebook: Ars Technica notes that the 64 GB flash drive option has dropped by $400. The configuration they looked at actually dropped by $500, but $100 of the lower cost is due to a price decrease on the processor. That means you can grab an SSD version with the faster 1.8 GHz CPU for $2,598; scale back to the 1.6 GHz model with SSD and you’re looking at $2,398.

What’s got me scratching my noggin is the reason for the price drop. I’m trying to figure out if we’re finally seeing a real price fall in SSD technology as a whole or if Apple is changing the physical part from an SLC drive to a MLC drive. Single-Level Cell technology should last longer but is more expensive; Multi-Level Cell drives are less costly to produce. I took a peek in the full specs on Apple’s site, but there’s no mention of which technology is used. Regardless, if you’ve been lusting after carefully considering an Air with a Solid State Disk drive, you just saved yourself some coin.

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