.Mac bookmarks going away soon, better grab them

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Apple is letting folks know early that with the rollout of the MobileMe service that will replace .Mac that they’d better grab the bookmarks that are synced there.  Bookmark syncing will not be offered as part of MobileMe so those who are doing that function with .Mac will find that online stored bookmarks will go away by July 6th when the switchover to MobileMe happens.  So go grab those bookmarks before they disappear in the cloud.

(via TUAW)

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Kevin C. Tofel

Just to clarify: MobileMe *will* support bookmark synching on both PC and Mac. I just verified that on the MobileMe site. What I think is happening is that if you have bookmarks with .Mac, they will not be transitioned to MobileMe. The MobileMe service will pick up all of your current bookmarks when you start service.

Of course, if you’re synching bookmarks with .Mac, your browsers should already HAVE all of your bookmarks when you switch to MobileMe, no? ;)

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