Is YouTube Killing Video Originality?


[qi:_newteevee] The promise of web video was that cheap cameras, easy editing software and free online distribution would open up new vistas of creativity. Instead we’re just seeing the same things, mostly parodies, over and over. Some are just recycling the same ideas. It’s just becoming faster and easier, which is spawning more of it, as people chase video views on YouTube. Continue Reading.


Pavan K

Don’t you sometimes wish you reviewed your comment before you posted it? Sorry Om/Chris, I know this isn’t Digg! ;-}

Pavan K

Surely YouTube (and others) are a great force to free information and enable creativity? The internet is barely a baby (in internet years). After all it will out last us all. Notably, You Tube was a major part in pushing it forward, The founders deserve credit where it is due, having created such a simple, scalable and well accepted (loved) solution, and more importantly, raising the benchmark. Startups then have no choice but to take the opportunity innovate where YouTube is too big too bother. More potential for creativity. Positives all round.

Ps @ Chris – for sure!. You need to first decide what you want to search, but there is no such service that knows you well enough to suggest the right video for your mood. I bet your own partner, best friend, or dear Mother (etc), would probably all struggle to get it right. When this is solved maybe we can genetically engineer the perfect wife too, or not. (!@?)


Don’t act so surprised. Like the first guy says, most of anything sucks. There is some good original material on Youtube. Youtube needs to find a better way of promoting the good stuff rather than forcing us to wade through all the crap.


You are encountering Sturgeons Law; 90% of everything is crap.

Let me expand; in its early days YouTube was part of the 10% because it was part of the internet.

“Hey, look at this video place I found on the internet!”

Now that it’s considered an entity on its own you will find that most of it is crap.

“Hey, look what I found on YouTube!”

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