Google Talk Comes to the iPhone


One of the notable shortcomings of the iPhone is the lack of a chat client. Oh sure, SMS looks like iChat – but we all know that you’re really paying for each of those messages you’re shooting off. So we could wait for Apple to open up a true chat client…or just let Google do it for us.

Yesterday Google quietly launched Google Talk for the iPhone, and it rocks. Nice and quick, it follows the look of the Gmail  iPhone interface and works very well. I was really impressed by the way it handles multiple chats – it has a pulldown menu at the top on the window with your contacts listed. When you’re chatting with someone and you receive another chat from another contact, the pulldown turns orange and highlights the contact that sent you the new message. Very cool, very easy to use.

Give it a whirl by going to on your iPhone.



Though I’m sure Gtalk for iPhone will improve over time and maybe even have a native app, currently meebo is better than gtalk. Plus you can sign into yahoo and msn whenever.

Felipe Belo

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Just use Meebo and it’s the same thing as using iChat.

Bob Rudis

The performance over EDGE is impressive, especially how little latency there is (at least in Seattle this morning). Anyone use it enough yet to determine the hit on the battery?

Also, anyone manage to use a hosted Google domain account with it?

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