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Google Takes Its Broadband Show on the Road

Speculation that Google is working with French ISPs to build out a Gallic WiMax network has folks at Fierce Wireless wondering if Google may push open broadband overseas by investing in WiMax deployments. They point to a report in a French paper that says Google has teamed up with Illiad-owned ISP Free (Om loves these guys) and Bollore Group’s Bollore Telecom, which own licenses to the WiMax spectrum in France. Google has already invested in the nationwide U.S. WiMax effort Clearwire, has plenty of interest in making sure there’s open broadband in important markets, and money to spend. Allons-y!

One Response to “Google Takes Its Broadband Show on the Road”

  1. It seems that here in the U.S. we remain hopeful that the “promise” of wireless broadband actually results in some meaningful competition that offers an alternative to the current duopoly.

    Who would have imagined (frankly, I didn’t) that France creates the regulatory and investment environment where they’re considered a global leader in broadband innovation and low-priced high-bandwidth service offerings?