Matthew from Darla Mack hits the road


Matthew from Darla Mack has hit the road for a vacation and he is attempting to go the distance without cracking open his laptop.  He intends to do all his work using just the Nokia N95-3, N810 and Nokia LD-3W (Bluetooth GPS module) and he is sharing that experience with us all.  If anyone can do this the folks at Darla Mack can and it will be interesting to see how this experiment works.  Check back often and see how he does this using just gadgets that fit in the pocket.


John in Norway

That’s nothing. Don’t tell NASA but I’ve just come back from a trip to Mars using only my Nokia E90 and a tin of corned beef. I would have done it all in the cloud but they run out pretty quick once you leave Earth orbit.

Cody B

I once drove from Minneapolis to Wells Maine, then from Wells to Manhattan, and then again from Manhattan to Minneapolis in 4 days with my sole map being Live Search on my T-Mobile Dash. I bought a Bluetooth GPS receiver the week after we got back. It wasn’t too bad but GPS would have helped a lot driving through NYC. It was sorta of funny driving through Manhattan, I was the only one driving a car that wasn’t a taxi. I got a lot of looks with my Minnesota license plates in Manhattan. It was my first trip to the east coast and it was a lot of fun.

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