Blackberry users can use voice for Google Maps


8100tutorialinfiniteThose folks at Google are not just making it so you can map the Tour de France, they are making Google Maps even more efficient for certain Blackberry users.  Those with US Pearls (8110, 8210, 8130) can speak the search term right in Google Maps to find the place they are looking for.  According to the Official Google Mobile Blog the voice recognition comes in handy when you’re looking for a business on a map and can’t easily type in the street name.  The new speech feature is easy to use:

  1. Press "0" to center the map view around your location
  2. Press the left-side key and hold it while you say the name or type of business you’re looking for (for example, "pizza")
  3. Whenyou’re done speaking, release the left-side key, and our voicerecognition technology will figure out your request and find thebusiness you’ve been looking for, no typing needed.

The speech feature uses the same voice recognition engine as GOOG-411 which is pretty good so this should be great.  If only I had a Pearl…

To get this working on your Pearl just go to this web page and you’re all set.

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