The Omni Group Gets “Sneaky” With OmniFocus Pre-releases

For all TAB readers interested in getting access to the most cutting edge (dubbed “sneaky peek”) releases of OmniFocus (their task management app) you can sign up for advance notifications via their Sneaky Peak page.

The “Omni” apps are well-crafted products and their programmers do their part to make code available to the developer community so folks can use components that work well without having to reinvent the wheel. As a company, they also seem to care about the users of their products given that they went out of their way to cite a review on their blog which contained both praise and pummeling.

(D&D fans will also appreciate this entry which explains how to use OmniFocus to manage your 4th edition character sheet).

If you use OmniFocus for “getting things done”, drop a note in the comments with what works and what needs improvement.


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