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Eco-Fireworks for the Fourth: Fireworks can get a lot less toxic for the earth, but don’t expect that to be a good selling point for fireworks fans — ScienceDaily.

ETN for Carbon Emissions: Barclay launched the “first exchange traded note that tracks the global carbon emission market.” — Investors Business Daily.

14 Cities Call for X-Prize: 14 cities want to so stage races for the Auto X-Prize . . . Come on San Francisco! — Autoblog Green.

Branson and Charles Green Heros?: The International Herald Tribune blog asks “Are Prince Charles and Richard Branson really setting good examples? Sure, why not, they haven’t done anything too outrageous yet. — IHT.

Garbage to Power: PlascoEnergy is using electric-plasma torches to gasify municipal waste and produce electricity — MIT Tech Review.

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