5 Useful, Free Graphics Apps


I work with so many different kinds of graphics that I’m always on the lookout for applications and utilities that can make working with them easier. In the world of freeware and open source software, you can find many good applications. Here are five examples.

Paint.net is a very popular free image and graphics editing program. Jeff Atwood at Coding Horror has raved about it before. One of its best features is that you can apply effects and filters and then undo them as many times as you like.

In response to a recent post I did, readers wrote in about Mobaphoto. I haven’t had a chance to try this yet, but from the looks of it it caters well to the image editing needs of digital photographers. It lets you make corrections to photos in batches, and more.

IrfanView, as I’ve mentioned before, is my very favorite free image editing program. It’s very fast to get in and out of, and is one of the most popular pieces of freeware out there.

No matter what kind of web worker you are, if you work with graphics, you probably frequently work with JPG images. JPG Cleaner is a slick little program for taking artifacts out of JPG images.

Screen Calipers is a handy little utility for measuring inside and outside of objects in graphics. You can access exact pixel distances, crop pictures to perfection, and more with it.

Do you have any favorite graphics tools?

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