Roku to Stream Other Video

Roku, the maker of the $99 Netflix streaming set-top box, has told Forbes that it will be updating its software later this year to let the device stream video from other “big name” providers.

While Roku didn’t name names, YouTube obviously springs to mind. The video-sharing site has done deals to get its content on devices like the Apple TV, HP MediaSmart Connect, and Sony and Panasonic TVs.

The bigger question is what does Roku’s news mean for Verismo, the other $99 set-top box (which also streams YouTube content). Roku’s already been flying off the store shelves (though with no hard numbers, we don’t know how many units that actually is), so does even Verismo stand a chance?

For that matter, what will this mean for the ZvBox. Sure the Zv turns your TV into a remote computer desktop and lets you watch any web video. But if all you want to do is watch video why shell out $499 for a Zv when you can get the Roku for $400 less?

The set-top space is changing by the day, with new players coming in and existing players mixing things up. If Roku is any indication, We’ll be updating our Set-Top Box scorecard a lot this year (and driving my wife crazy with all the new boxes under the TV).


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