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I have been way too busy recently to play any games, but one game that was announced last week has made me long for the days of yore when I could play for hours on end with no thought of responsibilities calling my name. Blizzard Entertainment announced Diablo 3. This third installment of mankind’s fight against Diablo picks up the storyline two decades after Diablo 2 ended. It will feature five new character classes and lots of enemies.

The 20-minute gameplay video shows a barbarian fending off dozens of beasts that are climbing up walls and coming out of every corner to fight. The graphics are of course beautiful, and Blizzard assures us in the FAQ that “as with all of Blizzard Entertainment’s recent releases, Diablo III will ship for both Windows and Mac simultaneously.”

There is no word on system requirements for the game, or a release date or price for that matter. It could be a while, as Starcraft 2 was announced over a year ago, and is still waiting for a release date.

You can buy Diablo II, which only requires Mac OS 8.1 or higher and a G3, for $19.99 and relive the glory days.



Sounds to me like you had the old version installed, the one which required the CD to play, and installed the new one over it. Try to delete everything related to Diablo II on your HD (preferences too, use a software like CleanApp), and then install the digital download one. See if it works.


I downloaded the digital version of diablo 2 as well, but when i try to play it says “please insert play CD”…..i lost my CD, that is why i downloaded it. do i need the CD? whats the point of the DL if you need the cd……


Hello everybody,

I have well installed Diablo II + addons on my Macbook pro. However, application refuses to be executed (a bug still exists). I asked to a mac forum. Apparently, this problem concerns people who have Macbook pro with nvidia graphic cards. Even the last patch from Blizzard is useless… I have to wait for… :'(


My friend and I tried to play some multiplayer with my iMac and his MacBook Air. I think the problem that people are experiencing when they say it doesn’t work with OS X is the graphics chip and/or drivers. My iMac seems to run it just fine, but my friend could not get it to run properly on his MacBook Air. He even downloaded it direct from Blizzard as described above.

People in forums seem to think there is a problem with nVidea graphics chips (mine is ATI), and/or a problem with needing a certain driver sets. He downgraded his driver set and got the program running, but the next day after a reboot it went back to not working. There are definitely some long threads in some forums about people having issues.


Thanks for your help Ken. I’am installing Diablo II now ;)

I didn’t know the register processus online. It may be useful :)


Ok so first of all I buyed a Digital Download copy of the game again from Blizzard Store since I had lost it.

But I found out that those who still have the 26-digit game key can download from Blizzard the patched and Mac OS X ready version of the game as many times as they want (Mac and Win). They just need to register the key online.

Register on http://www.blizzard.com/account

Then from your account management page, under My Account Controls, click Games (it’s the last button)

Then click Add a New Game

Insert the 26-digit game key

You’re done, you can download the game from Blizzard. And it’s Mac OS X ready.

Alternatively I think that your problem can be solved on this page from apple.com

Hope this helps! Bye


But how is it possible ? I have tried to install it but Mac OS X said to me it needs a classical environnement.

What’s your solution ?




Ramenos, I’m happy to give you good news. Diablo II WORKS on Mac OS X 10.5.4, I just downloaded yesterday a digital download copy from Blizzard’s Store. Works like a charm, even in hardware acceleration, and it’s already fully patched and ready to play. Running perfectly on a MacBook.


Diablo 2 is working fine on my computer: MacBook Pro (1st gen) with OS X 10.5.4 and all the patches.

I’m pretty excited for this game. And I’m also excited that will probably be a OS X native version of the entire game, instead of a quick Cider wrap to port it, since Blizzard actually has a Mac development studio. As long as it’s not a Cider port, I’ll pick this up for Mac as soon as it comes out!


Hi ,
the first para that u wrote exactly read my mind , i was a big fan( am still ) of blizzard games.. DIABLO being my fav.. having played 1 , 2 & LOD to death i cant wait for the 3rd installment of diablo.. Have been searching for release date , cudnt get one.. another gr8 news is the simultaneous release of MAC ver.
Cant wait to get my hands dirty in D3..

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