Rajshri Launches Web/Mob-isode Akbar Birbal Remixed


Rajshri has launched Akbar Birbal remixed, its 3 minute a piece 90 episode series. The show revolves around a don, Akbar Anna, and his intelligent sidekick Birbal Bhaiya, set in Bombay’s underworld. The first 10 episodes are live on Rajshri.com and their Youtube channel in addition to wap, voice and will be launchign soon on MMS and SMS via Idea Cellular. Rajshri is reformatting the content for audio and text and will be distributing the mobisodes exclusively to Idea for 3 months, thereafter going live across other operators. The content will be released initially on web and mobile and subsequently formatted for TV, home video and Radio. Is it me or is Rajshri attempting to evolve into a new media production house and create an Indianized internet television firm, ala, Revision3? Does content made for web/mobile stand a better chance with new media audiences as compared to well-edited traditional media content? We will revisit ABR’s performance at the end of 3 months to gauge what’s true.


vivek khandelwal

i dont know bout the Ramindra.tv but these are really gona make it big…
coz they are nice ,witty ,hilarious …
they are short ..hardly 3 minutes
and the best part
they are for ur mobile…
i definitely see a huge market oppurtunity here…


Someone had come up with webisodes (ramandria.tv) earlier, which I think had also been showcased on Rediff iShare. Any idea how that fared?

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