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Who Needs a Self-Destructing DVD?

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A company called Flexplay Entertainment is hoping to cash in on lazy business travelers with its self-destructing line of DVDs, but the company’s plan is raising the ire of environmental groups, according to Time.

The DVDs look like regular ole shiny discs, but once exposed to oxygen, a special glue on the disc darkens and within 48 hours, the DVD is unreadable. Perfect to take on the plane, supposedly. The dead disc can then be recycled, for free. But it’s more likely to get tossed into the garbage, which is what has environmental groups up in arms.

I have to side with the tree-huggers on this one. With a little planning before your trip, you can take your Netflix DVDs along with you and return them from anywhere in the U.S. Better yet, just download a copy of whatever you want to watch — no fuss, no muss, and no landfill mess.

One Response to “Who Needs a Self-Destructing DVD?”

  1. This technology has been experienced 4 years ago by CDiscount, a French e-commerce site :

    Here is a story from a French Tech website when they launched this offer:

    I do not know the sales figures of the self-destructing DVDs compare to regular DVDs, you could ask… it seems they are not selling those self-destructing DVDs anymore .

    Last minute : this story from ZDNet France –,39040745,39196550,00.htm – says that the numbers were not that good