Vid-Biz: PwnorDie, SAG, IKEA

Or Die Networks Branches Into Video Games; to launch in fall, as we reported earlier, the site will be video-based and won’t let you actually play games. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Hollywood Make “Final Offer” to SAG; union most likely to wait a week and see if AFTRA ratifies its contract with the studios. (The Wall Street Journal)

IKEA to Launch Web Series; break out the Allen wrenches, as Illeanna Douglas stars in the new scripted comedy, Easy to Assemble. (TVWeek)

VOD Stats; VOD households have grown to 42.5 million in 2008 from 12.9 million in 2003; will reach 60 percent of households by 2012, karaoke most popular free VOD content. (eMarketer)

Time Warner Cable Launches “StartOver;” rolling out in NY, the service lets latecomers start a program over if they show up in the middle, but disables fast-forwarding through the ads. (TV Decoder)

Instablogs Launches Daily Video Show; Global Report will feature content from citizen journalists all over the world. (Instablogs)

Copyright Office Wants to Deny License to Net Companies; in a report, the agency says companies that want to stream local TV signals shouldn’t be granted the same license that cable companies get to carry the same signals. (Multichannel News)

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