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San Francisco Solar Program Ready to Give You Money

Today‘s the first day that San Francisco residents can start applying for those thousands of dollars in rebates for their rooftop solar systems through one of the country’s most aggressive municipal solar programs. Residents can apply for the incentives of between $3,000 and $6,000 and businesses can apply to get up to $10,000.

We checked in with Wade Crowfoot, director of climate protection initiatives with the mayor’s office, this morning, and he said the city’s program is on track and ready. We’ll add in more links and directions of how to apply throughout the day. (Update: Application for download here, photo is of Akeena’s new solar panel).

Several weeks ago, the San Francisco board of supervisors finally approved the Solar Energy Incentive Program after more than five months of politicking. Soon after, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom signed the program into law. The program has been greenlighted for 10 years and has an annual budget of $3 million dollars.

Of course, solar installers see the city’s program as a boon to their business. Akeena Solar is celebrating today’s launch with a new solar panel designed for flat rooftops. We’ll check out the installation event later this afternoon.

3 Responses to “San Francisco Solar Program Ready to Give You Money”

  1. SF is one of the most progressive cities in America, and they prove it by launching an extra rebate for city of SF residents. If people install a solar panel system by the end of the year they qualify for federal, state and city rebates making the break even point for a system very attractive! More cities need to model their programs off what the city of SF is doing.