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No-Contract iPhone Found in AT&T Press Release

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If you want a 3G iPhone without an AT&T contract, you can get one. Eventually. For $599 for the 8 GB version or $699 for the 16 GB version. That’s a 200 percent markup over the $199 price tag for the 8 GB version with a contract. AT&T isn’t providing details yet on when this hoped-for option will be offered (will it look like the SIM card plan?), or if the iPhone is unlocked, but a spokesman said all will be revealed before the July 11 launch.

11 Responses to “No-Contract iPhone Found in AT&T Press Release”

  1. The hidden terms of the iPhone2 contract seems to be unfair to consumers. Everytime we take out the sim card for temporary use with another handset and put it back to iPhone we need to “re-activate” the phone and the contract gets extended for 2 years from the “re-activation” date. I have to switch to my old Palm Treo temporarily for some calls so as to use the call recording feature. If I keep doing this I will be on contract with AT&T for my whole life. A “bonded customer”. Isn’t this an unfair trade practice??

    • Evan,

      That is not true. I have read the contract and there is no requirement to return the phone. If you can find what you claim printed, please post a link.

  2. Mike Cerm

    So, if you can get the $199 iPhone with contract, instantly cancel the contract and only pay a $175 early-termination fee, why would anyone pay $599 for the contract-free iPhone?

    Technically, you may have to wait 30 days to cancel, and pay for service for 1 month, but that’s still a lot cheaper.