HP schools the netbook market, just ask Fresno United School District

HpmininoteAnyone who thought that HP was targeting the Mini-Note computer to the education market just for show might want to check in with Fresno United School District. The California educational group is deploying 7,000 of the smallish notebooks in grades K-12. Teachers like the size and connectivity for students; presumably the district has WiFi functionality based on this quote from the district’s CTO:

“The HP Mini-Note is a powerful laptop that is small enough to fit onstudents’ desks along with their textbooks and papers, allowing themaccess to the Internet and educational content from around the worldwithout leaving their seats,”

As much as James liked the Mini-Note (and for good reason), I do see the device appealing more to the educational sector. Most mainstream consumesr still want a traditional, Windows-based device that has more processing power than they likely need in a small notebook. When folks spec out a Mini-Note in that fashion, they’ll find more choices in their price range as they discount the size and weight factors. Don’t misunderstand me: it’s a nice machine and regular readers here likely recognize the value of a small form-factor. By and large however, I think HP will sell 3x to 5x more Mini-Notes to the education market than to consumers. Maybe we’ll revisit this with some hard numbers by year end.


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