Four More Offbeat Video Apps and Utilities

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Recently, I did a post on video applications and utilities that can be of use to web workers. The readers weighed in with a lot of alternative selections in the comments, and I’ve got four more offbeat suggestions that I like, three of which are free.

SnagIt is one of the best screen capture programs I’ve ever used. It’s especially popular with bloggers, as it integrates with all the top blogging applications very well. What a lot of people don’t realize is that SnagIt can also capture video segments very easily and flexibly. This is a great way to save online video content to, say, DVDs. There’s a free trial for SnagIt, but you do need to pay $49.95 if you like the application.

You wouldn’t normally think of content in PowerPoint presentations as desirable content to put in video format, but many presentations are now very visually rich, complete with animation and the like. If you want to convert PowerPoint content to Flash format, check out iSpring. It’s a free download and gives you an interesting way to deliver presentation content in video format.

If you’re a Mac user and like to use an iSight camera to record videos and load them on YouTube, Vidnik is the app for you. The application is specifically tuned for sending your video to YouTube for encoding and posting. It was developed as part of Google’s Mac Developer Playground.

Celtx is open source media pre-production software that goes way beyond just helping you generate scripts. You can do storyboards, develop characters, and more. If you’re interested in developing long-form video content, I recommend taking the Feature Tour.

Do you use any good video apps or utilities?

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Our office uses SnagIt and I agree, it’s a great screen capture program. Another program that’s free and easy to use is Jing, available at I’ve installed this on my personal PC at home and at work. What I like most about it is that Jing automatically uploads your video to Screencast where users have 200MB of space for storing screenshots and screencasts and 1 GB of bandwidth that renews monthly. According to Jing, the account will remain available to you for the duration of the project. If that wasn’t enough, you can even upload your images directly to your Flickr account.

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