Comcast update- screw you, customer

Halloween_040_01Comcast has screwed me royally and of course as a big company they do not care.  They are now saying that their technician came to our house yesterday and no one was here so we blew it.  Now, never mind that 3 people spent all day in the house waiting for Comcast to show up, the records have been entered in the Comcast system that we were not home when they arrived.  Forget the fact that I called them several times asking them where they were, they made a false entry in their system to cover that they did not show up.  They even claim they called me when I wasn’t home to tell me they were here.  Yeah, right.

They have now rescheduled the installation for July 9.  Yes, I will be without TV and internet service until July 9, although why I should believe they will show up then is beyond me.  So it looks like I now have 9 days to find a replacement for Comcast for TV and internet service.  How about it Verizon?  Why don’t you contact me and get me hooked up so I can drop Comcast?


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