Comcast update- screw you, customer


Halloween_040_01Comcast has screwed me royally and of course as a big company they do not care.  They are now saying that their technician came to our house yesterday and no one was here so we blew it.  Now, never mind that 3 people spent all day in the house waiting for Comcast to show up, the records have been entered in the Comcast system that we were not home when they arrived.  Forget the fact that I called them several times asking them where they were, they made a false entry in their system to cover that they did not show up.  They even claim they called me when I wasn’t home to tell me they were here.  Yeah, right.

They have now rescheduled the installation for July 9.  Yes, I will be without TV and internet service until July 9, although why I should believe they will show up then is beyond me.  So it looks like I now have 9 days to find a replacement for Comcast for TV and internet service.  How about it Verizon?  Why don’t you contact me and get me hooked up so I can drop Comcast?



Same old story. I ordered high speed internet 3 years ago and the technician said he could not provide it. He called the nice black lady in the billing dept. to tell her to remove me from the service list. She said she would try and I’ve proceeded to get bills and collection agency notices and calls from them ever since. They even impeded my ability to get a mortgage because they adversely affected my credit score.

William R. Brohinsky

I can’t say anything pleasant about Comcast, other than that I haven’t had to suffer their abuse. They bought out Adelphia in our area, raised prices, lowered service, and we bolted to AT&T DSL immediately. It isn’t perfect, but it has been good and mostly solid. When we had an outtage, the tech who came to fix it told us that they had changed the dslam to improve service, and our channel just happened to be bad…so he switched us to another channel, checked it out fully, then rewired our wall connector at no cost because he suspected the wires might have had some corrosion in the insulation-displacement contacts. I even asked, were we going to be charged for his checking our lines within the house, and he said, no, this was clearly their fault because of the dslam channel, and he was going to make sure the whole thing worked for us as well as possible, no charge to us.

In Connecticut, cable is a monopoly deal. You get one service per area, and if you don’t pay their prices, you don’t get cable. We figured out the costs, put an antenna on the house for less than one year’s extortion, and we’re getting netflix. Thus, we have no need of Comcast’s cable whatsoever: good internet via AT&T and entertainment at a price we can afford (well under a quarter of Comcast’s price to get 105 channels of nothing, too!)

Lose ’em.

Kevin N

Do you have Astound in your area? We have them and their customer service has been excellent. Yes, there are gripes — DVR that had problems, but thhey replace it without much fuss. I’m so glad PacBell (now SBC, no, AT&T) screwed up getting us our DSL, so we could try Astound…


Maybe it’ll be a good excuse to spend some time next week outside in the fresh air, visit with friends and family, and maybe read a good book or even take a vacation.

Plus, you still have your local SBUX and mobile broadband for work and blogging – and there’s nothing good on TV anyway. =)

marshall Huwe


I have the 3mbs service and use VoIP, video skype, etc. with no problem. I can upgrade it to 10mbs though if needed so if I ever get hooked on downloading movies from iTunes or something similar and need more bandwidth I have a little room. It’s not FiOS, but it the package is a lot better than what I had with Time Warner and cheaper / month.

James Kendrick

Minor update: I have been contacted by Comcast corporate and promised a fast resolution. I’m waiting to see if that indeed happens and will update if it does. Thanks for the concern, everyone!


Don’t take NO for an answer from them. Have someone you know that is a royal jerk call them for you and whip them into shape. Seriously. Sometimes being rude is necessary and effective. ;-)


We just switched from Charter to AT&T U-Verse and their installer turned up early, worked hard to tidy up all the coax cable that was rampant in the basement and attic, even though he didn’t have to, played well with my four and half year old whilst waiting for the boxes to sync up and the TV and internet services work well.

Steve Brandon

Over the years, you guys have given me some good advice, so it is a pleasure to return the favor.

While living in Albuquerque for six years, I was introduced to Comcast. I used them for a cable ISP. I was underwhelmed, and in moving this past August, I was introduced to such practices as, “Sure, we’ll give you a refund on your modem, all you need to do is to turn it where you last had service.” “But,” I tell them, “we moved to Richmond. I no longer live in Albuquerque. Why don’t I turn it into your Richmond office?” “We’re sorry…”

Your case doesn’t surprise me. *Every* time we had to deal with Comcast, I ended up wondering why I paid for such abuse.

Then entered FIOS from Verizon. I bought the service with Verison with the notion that it wasn’t Comcast, and I *really* didn’t want to support Comcast if I had another option. The FIOS line is fast. Stable. It has never once dropped. I have never noticed any slowdown in either upload of download speed, and their home telephone sounds much, much better than Vonage, Skyoe, or any traditional land line I have owned. I can’t speak to to their TV service, but my students say it is great. Nor can I speak to their service practices. Why? I’ve worked with them almost nine months now, and I’ve never had occasion to call them. When they came out and put in the FIOS line, they worked around my schedule. Cool.

By the way, it’s been fun reading about your experiences in the cloud. I’ve been exclusively in the cloud for well over a year. It isn’t heaven, but in the past year, the college where I teach has moved from a MS house to Google Apps. I’ve moved most of my teaching environment from Blackboard and eCollege to Google and, and all my daily chores are now just a logon away. In the process, I’ve come up with a good, solid teaching platform for Tribal Colleges who may not be able to afford Office and/or Blackboard, and my students are learning to work together and collaborate on projects online. I’ve even been able to buy a Nokia N810 and an ASUS PC eee as my next “upgrade.” The total cost of both were cheaper than a more robust traditional laptop good enough to run Vista and Office 2007. I am slowly converting colleagues to online collaboration.

In short, welcome to the cloud. The living is fine. What took y’all so long?



Marshall, What speed internet do you have for Uverse? Do you use video over Skype, and if so, who well does it work?


Verizon? Aren’t they the ones who lied to you, too?

I dropped my Comcast cable modem after one too many outages and absolutely horrid customer support about four years ago. I really should give AT&T Uverse a closer look, so I can get rid of Comcast cable TV as well.

Niels Andersen

I clicked on the twitter-link that was posted earlier – it looks like James is getting some customer service love online as we speak :)

I’m European so Comcast is (thankfully) not a part of my life. I do remember this Youtube video I saw featured a couple of years back on Consumerist



This has happened to me three times. The third time, my neighbor watched the Comcast guy walk up to my front door, pantomime knocking, drop a note, and walk off.

Quality, right.


James at least they cared enough to give you an install date to lie about. In my case they just keep telling me they have no install dates, since Feb 14, 2007!

Marshall Huwe

Do they have AT&T Uverse in your area? They are very aggressive in getting new business right now and the service shows! I was apprehensive leaving my cable modem, but the ATT internet service has been fantastic so far.


I must be the only person who hasn’t had a problem with Comcast. They installed my internet and TV service 4 years ago and I have only had one outage and it only lasted about an hour.

When I scheduled the install, I was told between 8:00 am and noon and the tech showed up at 8:15 am.

Now, my mother, girlfriend, sister and many of my friends all have Comcast horror stories similar to James’.

I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed while knocking on wood that my Comcast Carma continues to be good.


One quick look at Comcast’s management tells me all I need to know. The Chairman, Chief Exec. Officer AND President of Comcast Holdings is the same person: Brian Roberts (who made $22.5 million last year, btw). In this day and age, if that’s not an indication of screwed up priorities, nothing is. Maybe you should give Mr. Roberts a call and ask him to fix his company — after he fixes your customer service failure.


I read frequently on Consumerist of Comcast issues, one story was where he saw the Comcast tech park his van down the street sneak up and put the “missed you again” flier on his door and bolted. But that story is unverified.


Comcast blows. Period. My parents have Comcast in Pittsburgh and after repeated efforts to get the company to fix their Internet service, they still have frequent hours-long outages for no apparent reason. As a result, my parents are moving to Verizon’s service over the summer in hopes that it will be better.


I wouldn’t be so hard on them, (ducks…) I feel that the Tech’s that do that need to be fired there is no excuse for them lying. They are the ones giving Comcast a bad name.

However they had a chance to make it up to you but failed rescheduling it for July 9 that is their fault.


This appears to be a policy of Comcast’s rather than a local guy covering his arse.

I had precisely the same experience in New Jersey, not once but twice. In this case my wife stayed at home for both days only to be told both times that they turned up and perhaps she had “briefly left the house for an errand?”
Then friends of ours where told the same story two years later when it happened to them in Atlanta.

Just wait until the system goes down for a couple of days, (which is the only thing they can truly guarantee), and look to see what BS they come up with then.

I sympathise with you.

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