Coffee break- back to broadband for a bit


Coffee_manAhhh.  It’s so refreshing sitting here in the local Starbucks sipping the WiFi.  Nice thirst-quenching broadband.  It’s like a breath of fresh air after 3G only for a few days.  Not that 3G is bad or anything but let’s face it, broadband is BROADBAND.  :)



Do you have att uverse in your area? I have it out in my part of NW Houston, ditched comcast and have been pretty satisfied with both tv and internet (sorta the lesser of 2 evils!).

Aaron J. Walker

Sorry to hear about your internet woes, James. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling as if you are cut off from “civilization.”

Ever considered satellite? They may be a little more responsive than the cable companies and keep trying to upsell me on going with their internet service. I haven’t done it since it isn’t cost effective to me but it may be something to look into.

Enjoy your coffee!

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