Buy a Super Talent SSD drive, get a free OS for FREE!


MasterdrivemxTalk about a deal of the day: Super Talent is bundling Ubuntu with a purchase of their Master Drive MX SSD drive. To get the free operating system for free with your 2.5-inch solid state disk drive, you have to purchase your drive between today and September 30th. After that, you’re on your own to scrounge up a free copy of Ubuntu Desktop Edition… you know… as in download it your own darn self. ;)

OK, they’re saving you the time and bandwidth from a big download here, but that’s about it. I think this is the first time I’ve seen a promotion that offers a free operating system for free as the selling point. Seen any other "awesome" deals like this that you can share?



what a great way to spread linux
now if only it comes with free xp/vista……

Rick Huizinga

I think this promotion is to combat today’s OCZ announcement of a 128GB SSD for $479. More over, OCZ’s new SSD is faster than the Super Talent MX.

Udo Schroeter

I think you missed the point there. This is not about providing something free for free, it’s not about value. It’s all about promotion! Storage manufacturers have been loading their media up with all kinds of nonsense since the dawn of time.

Remember those proprietary bloatware tools that try to pass as “important drivers” for USB stuff on Windows? Yeah, they’re not technically needed. Instead, their only purpose in life is to keep reminding the user about the brand.

So, depending on whether you love or hate Linux, this is either a pretty sweet promo or another bunch of useless demo apps that you have to get rid off every time you purchase a storage medium.

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