Bomgar Enables Remote Support

ScreenshotBomgar caught my eye with their tagline: “Virtualize Your People.” That certainly sounds web worker-friendly, and it turns out their products might be useful for some web workers as well. They make a series of network appliances designed to simplify remote access: with one of their appliances plugged in, you can connect from your Windows, Mac, or Linux box to another computer running those operating systems, as well as others like DOS or Windows Mobile. The connection can be attended or unattended, and happens regardless of firewalls at either end.

For web workers (such as developers or virtual assistants) with multiple clients to support, their sub-$2000 Individual appliance could be worth investigating. There are software-only solutions in this space as well, such as Fog Creek’s CoPilot, but the extra features of Bomgar (like mobile support and network management) could be worth it.


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