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ScreenshotBomgar caught my eye with their tagline: “Virtualize Your People.” That certainly sounds web worker-friendly, and it turns out their products might be useful for some web workers as well. They make a series of network appliances designed to simplify remote access: with one of their appliances plugged in, you can connect from your Windows, Mac, or Linux box to another computer running those operating systems, as well as others like DOS or Windows Mobile. The connection can be attended or unattended, and happens regardless of firewalls at either end.

For web workers (such as developers or virtual assistants) with multiple clients to support, their sub-$2000 Individual appliance could be worth investigating. There are software-only solutions in this space as well, such as Fog Creek’s CoPilot, but the extra features of Bomgar (like mobile support and network management) could be worth it.



Bomgar is really great.

Yet I’m an ISV (in terms of Joel Spolsky) and I try to save as much as possible on support.

So, I use free tools. I recently returned to Skyfex (, as they revamped the gui and refurbished the looknfeel. It’s sometimes laggy, but it works for me and I pay nothing.


I’ve heard decent reviews of Bomgar from colleagues but they complain about the need to install the equipment. I’ve been using a remote pc access software from Proxy Networks called Proxy Pro 6. It handles mostly internal business troubleshooting and service, so it is capable of the most complex functions. Proxy Pro 6 has provided me with more advanced features than Bomgar and there was no hassle of installing hardware.

Brian Cohen

Check the collaborative remote support appliance at RHUB ( It costs much less than Bomgar and offers collaborative functions for more effective troubleshooting on the top of typical remote support functions provided by Bomgar.


Would you also be interested in trying another free tool as TeamViewer (
TeamViewer is really easy screen sharing without to take care about any obstacles (NAT, proxies, dynamic IPs) combined with a userfriendly interface. Plenty of features are included and TeamViewer works cross-plattform (Win+Mac).

I’m looking forward to hear your opinion on that!


Scott Ruck

I never understood why anybody would pay that much for a machine that could become obsolete in a couple of years. I was a long-time user of Log Me In, but have since switched to Techinline Remote Desktop ( Although it does not have as many features as Log Me In Rescue, I find it to be very effective and it is probably the easiest tool to use on the market from the client’s side because there is absolutely no installation required on either end. At $30 a month, I find it to be a great solution

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