AT&T reveals all for iPhone pricing

IphoneThe official press release that many folks have been waiting for is finally here: iPhone 3G pricing details. Sure, we all knew about the low, low $199 price for an 8GB, while you can double-down on your storage capacity for another $100. But what about non-qualified upgraders and those with fear of commitment?

If you’re not eligible for the subsidized iPhone 3G, AT&T will tack on $200 to the price, making it $399 or $499 for the handsets. Folks that want an unlocked iPhone 3G? You’ll see the price boosted $300 $400 over the subsidized price, but availability is someone in the future. Stores will have the new handset starting at 8am on July 11th, so you’ve got time to mull this one over. I’ve already made my decision: spotty 3G service in my area and a blogger’s budget (combined with rising rates) are keeping me with my first-gen iPhone for now.


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