NTV Station Today: Engaged Redefines Fake Reality


NTV StationFake reality shows are becoming almost as common as real reality shows online. But new comedy series Engaged, in which a self-obsessed couple plan the ceremony that will only make them forever miserable, raises the bar by focusing on, in Karina Longworth’s words, “the conflict between public and private.”

Meanwhile, PostSecret put out a plea for 1-800-SUICIDE, explaining in simple terms the government bureaucracy that puts this organization in jeopardy. And Sales Guy vs. Web Guy offers a first-person-shooter point-of-view on the epic struggle between IT and sales.


Thompson@Cheap computer

These fake programs put words and thoughts in peoples head and mouth sometimes there are things that we haven’t even though about and so they have negative and positive aspects.


I’m a big fan of PostSecret. Thanks for promoting the Hopeline video – the more the word gets out, the better.

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