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Four Free, Slick Mini Apps

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With many software applications as bloated as they are these days, I still favor many tiny applications that I can get in and out of quickly for specific tasks. I’ve written before about you can stock up on many interesting mini applications to keep on a USB key. In this post, I’ll discuss four other free, mini applications that are very handy.

Foxit Reader is a very small and snappy PDF reader. I often prefer this application to Adobe’s tools when I simply want to get in and out of PDF documents in a speedy way. Despite its small size, it has some unexpected bells and whistles. For example, it has a multimedia player that lets you listen the audio and video elements that sometimes accompany PDF files. You can also download versions for mobile devices, Linux and more.

Irfanview is an outstanding free, graphics editing program. In the same way I often reach for Foxit Reader for speed-related purposes, I can get in and out of IrfanView very quickly. There are many useful plug-ins for IrfanView, and you can download them all in one shot for convenience.

With Rename Files you can easily rename large batches of files in one step. Its features go well beyond simply letting you change the entire names of files. You can, for example, replace the first or all occurrences of a string of letters, put folder names in front of files, and more. At under 1MB in footprint it pops up in a flash when you need it.

Delayer is a very useful little application for scheduling just about any type of event on your computer. It’s currently Windows-only. You can schedule reminders to pop up in various applications, schedule security applications to execute at specfic times, automatically log you out of an application after a specific time period and more.

Do you have any favorite mini applications?

5 Responses to “Four Free, Slick Mini Apps”

  1. Edmund

    Some of my favorites (Linux web devvr):

    Evince or XPDF for quick PDF viewing
    Gwenview for quick image edits
    Tomboy Notes for a desktop wiki that holds my err…life :)
    Yakuake for quick console usage
    Katapult for quick app startup and calculator
    Tunapie for tuning in to online radio/TV