Comcast- 1, JK- 0


Comcast_logoThe move was on schedule as expected at the start of the day today with Comcast scheduled to arrive for the new installation between 8 and 11 am.  I was stuck waiting for the technician to arrive to install the cable TV equipment and especially the cable modem for the Internet service.  When they had not arrived by 12:30 I called Comcast and after a 5 minute menu system I finally got a real live person.  They checked their system and all they could tell me was that the techs had not cancelled my scheduled service so they would be out later. 

Back to waiting for them to arrive and by 5 pm another call was in order.  They were terribly sorry for missing the scheduled visit so they were issuing a $20 credit and escalating the installation.  Someone would call within 30 minutes to let me know when to expect them to come out.  It is now 3 hours later and I’ve not heard from anyone so not only do I not have service but at this point I have no idea when they are going to reschedule the installation.  Now that’s Comcastic.



i hate comcast. their operators hate me. they hate their job. comcast hates their employees and hates competition. comcast underpays their employees, overcharges their customers and screws everyone. i hate comcast.

kevin white

I had a broken modem the first time I ever had comcast, and their phone people assured me that it was a known line problem caused by interference from a local ham radio operator.

No, the modem was broken. a new one fixed it.

I moved, several years later, and they scheduled my installation for the day BEFORE my phone call, and instantly terminated my television service, and it took 5 different supervisors to even find out what happened.

Not to just hate comcast… you should try getting naked DSL through AT&T. It works great, but getting it installed was hard (they don’t send people out to make sure it works, so there was no connection between the local dslam and my house and they didn’t know that), I can’t use online billing (it’s only available if you have a landline through AT&T but nowhere does it say that, you just can’t sign up), and talking to them on the phone means going through multiple outsourced call reps who “are very sorry but I am unable to look up the details of your account and must transfer you to another department”.

Even getting speakeasy internet was a big mess, and they almost charged me 300 dollars (!!!) for a no-show because they told me the wrong date for the install and the guy came out but didn’t have access to the apartment building’s wiring closet. The actual technician was nice, and even offered to come back later that day and DO the install, but his not being able to complete it resulted in a 300 dollar charge that speakeasy was fine with refunding.

What a *!&(%$ joke. If someone calls me on the phone at work here, I fix their problem, tell them I *can’t* fix it because I *actually can’t fix it* (i.e it’s not a fixable problem), or otherwise make them happy.

Jose R. Ortiz

I’ve never understood why it is so difficult for these companies (DirecTV, Time Warner, Verizon, etc…) to a) provide a realistic time frame, b) meet that deadline, and c) communicate effectively. After so many people complaining, you would figure that they would at least hire a consulting company since they obviously don’t have the capacity to improve their process internally.


Their next excuse was that they could not find your house, as it must be a rural location.

When I contacted Comcast for an UPGRADE, that was the excuse they gave me, even though I’m located near the center of town.

My last experience was a troubleshooting issue, which they blamed on mice eating the cable. Nevertheless, on the 4th visit, they actually took the receptable apart to find an improperly installed splitter (theirs).

I am eagerly awaiting a way to ditch them entirely…..

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