Carpooling for Web Workers


Web workers save on the daily commute especially now with the high fuel cost. But there are times when we need to go out for meetings. I chanced upon, a free nationwide carpool matching website, that helps carpoolers save money on gasoline and help reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the daily commute.

I signed up with the free service, hoping to score a cheaper ride when I need to go out. The service is still new so there isn’t that much members yet offering carpool services, especially in my area. I’ll be keeping an eye though.

Meanwhile, here is their Gas Calculator for you to gauge if it’s time to carpool.


Richard Haven

FWIW: has a business model that lets the business pay for the site that rewards all non-single-driver commuters.

It’s hard to get a critical mass of users without some unifying reason (like a common employer). One hopes that all these sites can agree on a common data interchange standard to allow neighbors working for different employers to find each other.


We have started to share the car journey in the mornings now, really trying our bit for the environment and it also saves on cash as we split the costs!

We are fortunate though as three of us live fairly close to each other!!


Sounds like GoLoco [} where users set up their own personal transportation network. Requires setting up an account giving minimal personal information.

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