Video: Mobile Advertising in a 4G World: Our Seattle Mixer Panel


Last week on Thursday evening, we did our Seattle mixer and mobile advertising panel at the W Hotel, which was very well attended by about 400 of our readers. The panel, titled “Mobile Advertising, With 4G On The Way”, touched on various issues in the mobile advertising ecosystem…the full video of the session, which I recorded on my Nokia (NYSE: NOK) N82, is embedded below (pardon the slight amateurish quality of the video).

Speakers: Jason Gruber, VP, US Mobile Strategic Development, AOL; Kyoo Kim, VP of Ad Sales,; Jeff Giard, VP of Business Development, Alltel; and Jeremy Wright, Global Director, Mobile Brand Strategy, Nokia Interactive Advertising and co-founder of Enpocket. Moderated by Tricia Duryee, our resident senior correspondent for MocoNews. A nice text writeup of the panel was done by Xconomy here. A social writeup on who all attended was done by John Cook of Seattle PI, here.

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