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Bonnie Fuller’s New Online Venture: Femme-Friendly Bonnie Fuller Media

imageSome dribs and drabs had been trickling out about Bonnie Fuller’s new online venture ever since she left American Media under some controversy last month, and now NYT’s David Carr does an excruciatingly long profile of the legendary editor and has some new details of her new online venture. The company, called Bonnie Fuller Media, is based in NYC, and will focus on online “femme-friendly products that will include, but not be limited to, gossip, fashion and romance,” the story says. She is working with Russ Pillar, an investor and the former head of the interactive division of Viacom…through his 5850 Group, he is raising

One Response to “Bonnie Fuller’s New Online Venture: Femme-Friendly Bonnie Fuller Media”

  1. Lee Salomon

    Don't you think your comments on Michelle Obama's wardrobe are a little silly? There certainly isn't anything "femme-friendly" about them. Mrs. Obama is a tall women, and certainly not of the most perfect proportions, but she carries herself in a very powerful way.
    Now I realize that you find Carla Bruni extremely attractive. So do I. But lets make some real world comparisons, particularly since you are so 'femme-friendly". As I said Carla Bruni is very beautiful and has been a runway model. She is very musical, writes her own songs, and has slept with some of the finest rock musicians in the world. Now, she is married to the President of France whose previous wife dumped him.
    Now let's look at Michelle Obama. The poor thing graduated from Princeton on a merit scholarship and then graduated from the Harvard Law School. That certainly can't compare to playing the guitar. Then, on just her first marriage, she has produced two daughters while being very successful in the practice of law in Chicago. How can that possibly stand up to the achievements of a skinny runway model?
    Ms. Fuller, don't be an idiot. Don't let your mother be ashamed of you. Don't let us think that you created this blog because no on with money would give you a real job. Michelle Obama isn't a beauty queen. She doesn't have that perfect body. She's just a tall woman who is smarter than you can ever hope to be. Ms. Fuller, please get a real life!