Green Campaign Watch: Obama Meets With Detroit & Schwarzenegger Blasts McCain

The campaign trail got heated over energy this week with Obama calling McCain’s plans for offshore drilling and a $300 million battery prize “gimmicks” while the McCain campaign tried to label Obama’s opposition to many energy proposals as a move by “Dr. No.” Since then, Obama has met with Detroit automakers and new critics have come out against McCain’s offshore oil proposal:

GM to Obama: ‘We Need Money': In a panel discussion on the economy in Pittsburgh, Obama asked GM Chairman Rick Wagoner what he could do as president to best help Detroit “pivot” as quickly as possible and start making greener cars. Wagoner listed three things: research assistance for new technologies, incentives and rebates for consumers, and help converting manufacturing plants. So, really, he said Detroit needs one thing: money, money and money.

Schwarzenegger Criticizes McCain on Offshore Drilling: Speaking yesterday in Miami, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger attacked McCain’s claim that offshore drilling would lower gas prices. “Anyone who tells you this would bring down gas prices any time soon is blowing smoke,” the governor said. Schwarzenegger’s host, Florida Governor Charlie Crist, had modified his stance on the issue earlier in the week, saying he’d support offshore drilling if it was environmentally safe.

Obama Launches Energy Policy Website: To highlight the differences between Obama’s and McCain’s energy policies, the Obama campaign has launched a new web site with a side-by-side comparison of the two candidates’ energy plans. In case you were getting tired of clicking back and forth between our takes on Obama’s and McCain’s energy plans, this could be useful.


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