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The Netflix Hope: Time Inc’s Maghound Set To Launch in Sept

imageTime Inc’s long-in-development magazine subscription website Maghound, which borrows concepts heavily from Netflix (NSDQ: NFLX), is slated to launch this September…this comes after four years (yes!) of continuous development and testing, according to Dave Ventresca, president of Maghound Enterprises, who spoke at an industry conference this week and explained the concept, reports Folio. Currently about 280 titles are on board, an plans to have about 100 more through this year.

The service will be a flat-rate magazine subscription site, where uses pay a monthly fee, and have access to these magazine on a per-copy basis, instead of being locked into a yearly subscription. Users will have the ability to switch titles at any time and can cancel whenever they wish.

The pricing: three titles for $3.95 per month; five titles for $7.95; seven titles for $9.95, and $1 per title for eight titles or more. Then titles that have a non-discounted traditional sub rate of around $19 or more per year are considered

2 Responses to “The Netflix Hope: Time Inc’s Maghound Set To Launch in Sept”

  1. bibliophile

    I love it. My magazines come on time and I get to choose what I want. no contracts, great rates, and a trial period. An idea whose time has finally come. Every month is like Christmas. I am a reader and love the feel of a book, magazine in my hand. I can read and re-read at my leisure and carry my material with me. I revised my list multiple times and finally tweaked it to my ultimate satisfaction. Since you can cancel any month, you have nothing to lose. I hope they stay around forever. my daughter wants to get her own subscription. I maxed out at 15.

  2. I disagree that the potential users have left the station. Where would we have gone? Magazines, unlike music or movies, don't travel well to a web delivery model. We like to hold them and flip the pages while we lounge and live away from the computer.

    This idea has as much if not more potential to me than Netflix or Blockbuster because you get to keep the mags. With the movie services, you can easily get to a point of wanted to leave because you don't watch enough movies to justify the cost. Magazines on the other hand are something you typically do with the time between other activities like movies and you can benefit from moments at a time with them over the course of months years owning them.

    I'll try it. Suspect many other mag lovers will as well.