Opera Mobile 9.5 beta 1 coming July 15



I just heard from the Opera folks who have finally said that the Opera Mobile 9.5 beta 1 will be available on July 15th.  You can get full details from the Opera Mobile blog but from what I’ve seen I would jump on this beta with both feet.



hi somebody can give to us adress to download opera 9.5 beta thanks a lot

alex combo

opera mobile 9.5 version beta could be instaled in my nokia N70 music edition ?

Simon Dale

Will there be a series 60 version of the beta also available at the same time?

Gavin Miller

There have been a whole load of leaked builds, in fact I think the one I have on my Advantage is from the HTC Diamond Rom.

For those who haven’t yet installed a version I strongly suggest just waiting for this official Beta.



That is not the BETA. It’s some pre-alpha or something.

Mike Cane

>>>I would jump on this beta with both feet.

Are there going to be THAT many bugs crawling out from under it?!

Come on. You wag that bait, I pounce!

Gavin Miller

Finally! 9.5 is shaping up to be a terrific browser. Took me a litle while to get used to it but it’s now my preferred mobile browser on the HTC Advantage.

Simon Dale

That’s good news – I’ve been waiting for this to turn up forever! I have to say though, for me it will be 4 days too late!

My Nokia e90 will be retired for a new iPhone on the 11th!

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