One to Watch: 12seconds

This week we learned of the existence of 12seconds, a startup that isn’t afraid to call itself a “video Twitter.” The idea is simple: video status updates. From the about page: “Why only 12 seconds? Because anything longer is boring.”

The site is a side project of founder David Beach and some other “nerds mostly from Santa Cruz.” Beach works at Yahoo and recently transferred from its Brickhouse incubator to Yahoo Travel. But he seems to be getting serious about 12seconds, as our request for more information was replied to by a PR firm.

12seconds is in private alpha, but a fair amount of it is open to the public if you just want to check it out.

Another startup, Seesmic, has often been called a ‘video Twitter,’ but insists that it’s oh so much more — and it has recently diversified into video comments and video shows.

Welcome to 12seconds on

Above is an intro video from Beach we found on 12seconds, and below is some more explanation from the company blog:

Why 12 seconds?

There is no particular reason why it’s 12 seconds and not 10 or 15. 12 is a good number. We like 12. But the main idea here is to keep things quick. To keep things pithy. You can sing “Happy Birthday” in 12 seconds, you can share moments of your vacation in 12 seconds. You can show people where you are or tell them what you’re up to in 12 seconds. If you need more time, record another one. Be creative; we think you’ll find that 12 seconds is plenty of time.