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Introducing GigaOM Briefings

Yesterday, at our Structure08 conference we launched our newest effort, GigaOM Briefings. We launch with our first briefing on Cloud Computing, which has been written by Alistair Croll, whose work you know from our site.

So what are our Briefings? Briefings are downloadable digital reports that contain in-depth, timely and actionable information on current technologies and technology trends. Our aim is to identify the roots of change behind the trends, the impact they will have and the opportunities they present, and to bring such information to our audience in a format that is concise, factually accurate and easy to understand.

We have started Briefings after many of our readers and also our network of sources pointed out that they wanted to know more about a topic, but didn’t have time to research or read long research reports. We could expand our blog posts. We love blogging and we like to think we have taken part in taking it to a higher level of credibility through our editorial values. But blogging demands that we be succinct.

Hence, GigaOm Briefings.

A GigaOm briefing will be a 20-to-30 page report, that gives you facts and insights in a quick-to-consume manner. The knowledge to empower your business. You can find out which companies are important in a sector, who is going to be important in a sector and well, who is going to get crushed. We will release reports as topics arise and warrant them, so stay tuned. Much the way the Zagat guides help you make decisions about where to eat, we hope our reports become your constant companions in your quest to navigate the ever-changing technology landscape.

Our first briefing looks at Cloud Computing is 18 pages long and costs $249 a copy. You can find more details on Future briefings will focus on Location-Based Services, The Smart Grid, & Application Delivery Networks.

8 Responses to “Introducing GigaOM Briefings”

  1. This is great news. Long overdue in the analysis/strategy arena… more than just a core dump of “events” or “opinions and observations” or “facts.”
    We in the battlefield desperately need the “what does it mean” and “what is actionable to me” … That’s what your brilliant team can add. And that’s why your brand has such great value and currency.

    Others are also pondering how to do this in a way that scales. At $250 a pop it is an occasional purchase that I have to think about.

    As a regular subscription that I can tune, provide feedback and review weekly/monthly, it becomes a more exciting idea… as well as the option to up-grade occasionally to a less-scalable but higher revenue engagement with one of the analysts who will create a custom or semi-custom report that “weighs-in” at 30 to 50 pages and costs a lot more too.
    Request: to get us excited about the current offering, I suggest making it available free for a download, with a strong watermark on it. Most of us like to see examples of this level of work. Rather than having a dated version of an old report out there… just release the whole thing but control it with that watermark so you’re protected. Good honest folk will buy the thing if they want to use it in their businesses, and besides, you’re trying for the repeat purchase and the viral pass-along/endorsement anyway, right?
    Matt Weeks
    (650) 520-8808
    [email protected]

  2. A good move…will be good to see how such reports from blog-centric entities evolve in the long run and probably give market research or analyst firms a run for their money..I think this evolution will be worth it!

  3. Congratulations, but why use PayPal instead of setting up your own merchant account for a friendlier and more professional buying experience — especially at $249 a pop?