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Four Free Ways to Experiment With Web Look and Feel

If you’re involved with a blog or an online site and care about its design and interface, there are a number of free tools you can turn to for experimenting with various versions, until you arrive at a design you like. In this post, I’ll cover four of them.

This item from today on Webware alerted me to a very cool WYSIWYG WordPress Theme Generator. If you’re responsible for the design of a WordPress-driven site, take this application for a spin. Down the left rail you get input fields, and on the right you get to see what your finished theme will look like.

Mike Gunderloy recently wrote up Open Source Designs (and we also covered it on the OStatic blog). It provides over 2000 web site designs, with the majority of them XHTML/CSS-based.  They’re definitely better looking designs than the templates you’ll find your ISP has.

I also continue to like browsing the site designs at Open Designs. This site is very similar to Open Source Designs, and offers over a thousand designs.

Finally, I’ve mentioned my favorite site for experimenting with web development tools and languages here before: W3Schools. The W3Schools site provides entirely WYSIWYG instruction on relevant web development topics such as AJAX, CSS, JavaScript, and more. You input your attempts at say, CSS, and then you publish to a web page to see what your effort resulted in.

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