Coming This Evening: Our Seattle Mixer/Panel


This evening we will be in Seattle for ContentNext mixer at the W Hotel. Along with our trademark mixer, we also have an editorial keynote and panel prior to the networking, and the topic, as we mentioned before, is “Mobile Advertising, With 4G On The Way”. This event will kick off with Scott Richardson, the chief strategy officer of Clearwire (NSDQ: CLWR), addressing the market opportunity for mobile advertising as the company rolls out mobile WiMax, also called 4G. Following his keynote, a panel will bring sober analysis to this very hyped topic.

Speakers: Scott Richardson, Chief Strategy Officer, Clearwire; Jason Gruber, VP, US Mobile Strategic Development, AOL; Kyoo Kim, VP of Ad Sales,; Jeff Giard, VP of Business Development, Alltel; and Jeremy Wright, Global Director, Mobile Brand Strategy, Nokia (NYSE: NOK) Interactive Advertising and co-founder of Enpocket

Gold sponsor: Motricity

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