Yahoo’s Reorg: How Long Was It In The Works?

We’ll learn more about how the just-announced Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) reorg all went down, but at this point we have to wonder about the timing. President Sue Decker said in the release that the move was planned deliberately over the last few months. We don’t doubt that the company has been thinking about ways to shake up its operations for awhile now, after all it’s been a few months since the last one and it would make sense to chart a fresh course, were it to emerge from this year’s drama as a still-independent company. But how much of what we see today was affected by the specific events of the recent weeks? And conversely, to what extent did this coming reorg trigger the big exodus we’ve seen, as various executives stood to see their power grow or diminish? If it’s more the latter, then we can guess that current chart should stay stable for at least a little while (in Yahoo time), since otherwise they’d have likely left already. Still, even last week, the contours of the reorganization and the timing were still in flux.

The announcement really doesn’t say anything on what the changes actually mean for the company. The statements from both Sue Decker and Jerry Yang sound sort of like B-school jargon with the soothing tone of a dentist’s assistant, none of it really acknowledging that anything is wrong at the company. But no matter what the view is from the top or other levels inside, given the downward trends of the stock, investors still see something wrong.