Yahoo’s Latest Reorg Is Official: Three New Teams Reporting To Decker With Schneider Heading U.S.


imageAs had been anticipated, Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) has announced yet another reorganization. In a move designed to “leverage”, “accelerate”, “monetize” and “enhance” (all Jerry Yang’s words), the company is centralizing consumer product development, establishing a US-focused unit designed to bring products to market faster, and formed an “insights strategy team.” It also announced a slew of new titles, necessary since there’s been so much turnover. The company denies that this is some knee-jerk response to any sudden turmoil, real or perceived. Sue Decker’s statement: “We have planned these changes deliberately over the past several months to clarify responsibilities and to capitalize on the scale advantages while allowing for fine tuning to meet local market needs.



It actually seems like Yahoo does this every 6-12 months. I'm still amazed each time that Sue Decker gets to keep her job. Amazing!

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