Sony Offers Morsels On New Video Platform; Announces Investment Plan For Coming Years

imageSony (NYSE: SNE), which is always on the hunt for a new strategy or direction, has offered up its latest growth plan across its various myriad business lines. As described by a Thomson wire report, the company will focus more on organic investment — $16.7 billion through 2011 — than on cost cutting, as it’s done in the past. In particular, it wants to invest more in the BRIC countries (just like everyone else).

In terms of digital media, Sony says it’s rolling out its long awaited and much rumored new multi-platform video service this summer in the US. Still nothing meaty in terms of usable details, except that it will work with its Bravia TVs, Playstations and handheld devices. Because details are scant, we don’t know how to reconcile this against past reports saying the service would be all about “open standards”, in itself a meaningless phrase. A first step: Offering Sony-made Will Smith vehicle Hancock to owners of internet-connected Bravia TVs before the movie is available on DVD. That’s kind of a typical Sony move, but at least it probably won’t harm anything. As for details of the service, more will be unveiled at a later date. Ok.

As for its games business, it says it expects more from non-games content and services, so again think stuff like video and music delivered via PS3. CEO Howard Stringer also vowed, reports AP, that the money-losing line would be in the black in 2009.